Ten Reasons to use SAP 2500 for your Water Station Business

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Published: 08th June 2011
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Water has evolved. When you think the clean water you drank last year is the best, think again, especially if itís not Natural Alkaline Water.

If you think you made profits from your water business package a year ago, you might have made more, if you chose the right package today.

The (Stainless Alkaline Processor) SAP 2500 is a product of the fast-evolving technology designed to create the most evolved form of water todayóNatural Alkaline.

Here are the key advantages of using the best water purification system today.

1. You are assured of High Quality Sterilized, Purified, Natural Alkaline Water.

SAP 2500 with its advanced Filters and UV LAMP sustains waterís High PH. Thatís historically the highest quality of any drinking water.

2. The Healthful Minerals are retained while the contaminants are filtered

Contrary to the reverse osmosis technology which filters everything, the brilliance in the SAP 2500 system is the intelligent filtration method which leaves no trace of contaminants while retaining ALL the minerals of water.

3. Your water just tasted better.

Natural Alkaline Water from SAP 2500 is not just clean and healthy, itís refreshing too.

4. You can install it yourself. No need for high maintenance.

SAP 2500 is fast to install since itís practically a plug and play device. Itís a mere do-it-yourself-technology that hardly needs any maintenance, if at all.

5. It requires LOW ELECTRICITY so youíll SAVE MORE

Rest assured that the clean and healthy water you drink doesnít pass through a high-wired electrical device. It needs minimal electricity for the Ultraviolet lamp alone so you definitely save more in the long run.

6. You can afford everything, itís the LOWEST INVESTMENT ever:

Unlike other equally established water station companies, we offer one of the lowest package prices along with a small area requirement. No costly tanks and pumps. We make everything affordable, only the returns are high.

7. The returns are high and a guaranteed Fast ROI (Return of Investments)

While other water business packages takes years to reap the rewards we guarantee investment recovery in only 5 to 6 months. Itís a well-tested and proven INGEN system that has earned us numerous satisfied owners today.

8. No water shall be wasted in the purification process

SAP 2500 is the only device that guarantees ZERO Water waste that lowers your operating cost because it doesnít require any electric motor pumps so youíre supporting Mother earth in the long run.

9. Our credentials and quality are your guarantee.

With more than 50 years of combined water purification experience, we will be able to provide you expert guidance to support your business needs.

Finally, nothing beats the life-giving benefits of Natural Alkaline Water, which only SAP 2500 can perfectly produce. Itís definitely the highest form of healthiest water, today.

Check our product page at http://www.ingensolutions-inc.com/SAP2500BusinessPackages.aspx for further details or feel free to contact us

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